• Snoop Dogg BUSH Album Download
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    Snoop Dogg's new album is BUSH. The album is entirely produced by friend, fellow-innovator, and Grammy Award-winner Pharrell Williams, and is the latest offering from one of music's most prolific and revered trendsetters.

    The historic pairing between longtime friends Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams came after multiple successful collaborations in the studio, which started over a decade ago. As noted by Snoop Dogg, the duo made a pact with each other to restore the 'missing' vibe in today's music by creating songs dedicated to a "better present and an ideal future."

    Channeling retro-futuristic funk topped with a feel-good mix of R&B and pop, BUSH blossoms with "a funkadelic glow," says Snoop Dogg, "totally different than anything either of us has ever done." Anchored by Pharrell's effervescent production and Snoop's smooth vocals and delivery, the album features a number of surprise collaborations.

    1. "California Roll" (featuring Stevie Wonder) 4:12
    2. "This City" 3:33
    3. "R U A Freak" 3:45
    4. "Awake" 3:43
    5. "So Many Pros" 4:06
    6. "Peaches N Cream" (featuring "Uncle" Charlie Wilson) 4:43
    7. "Edibles" (featuring T.I.) 3:21
    8. "I Knew That" 3:59
    9. "Run Away" (featuring Gwen Stefani) 5:13
    10. "I'm Ya Dogg" (featuring Kendrick Lamar & Rick Ross) 4:38
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