• Snoop Dogg G Slim Herbal by Grenco Science
    Item #: NZAM046
    Grenco Science, together with creative partner, Snoop Dogg, proudly release the fifth installment in the “Double G” Series, the Snoop Dogg | G Slim Herbal™.

    A new line of lightweight technology designed for dried herbs, the Snoop Dogg | G Slim Herbal combines the luxuries of portability, affordability and high-performance function in one compact apparatus. Customized with a clean blue exterior and white accents, each G Slim comes equipped with a G Slim Tool, Wireless USB Charger, and an On/Off feature to safeguard against inadvertent activation.

    Contents include:
    - G Slim Battery
    - G Slim Tank
    - G Slim Tool
    - Wireless USB Charger

    *Not intended for use with essential oils.


    • $29.95