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Chronic Hat

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Embarking on a journey from an artist's path to becoming the CEO of Death Row Records, we delve deep into the archives to resurrect the most iconic hat in Hip Hop. This particular hat holds significant historical value as it was the very hat that introduced us to the legendary Snoop Dogg. Teaming up with designer Roberto Vincenzo, Snoop Dogg breathes new life into the classic Snapback, infusing it with a fresh and modern appeal while preserving its original essence. Now, you have the opportunity to own a piece of hip hop history, whether you choose to add it to your esteemed collection or proudly don it as a fashion statement. Undoubtedly, this hat holds more than just material worth—it represents a profound embodiment of hip hop's cultural legacy.



  • snapback baseball hat with green embroidered leaf
  • Features a green panel on the inside of the visor 
  • One size fits all 
  • Death Row Embroidered Logo on each side

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Chronic Hat
Chronic Hat Sale price$50.00